Woodford Computer Systems Ltd

Summary of Main Terms

Our supply of hardware, software and services (including maintenance, training, etc) is performed under our General Terms of Hardware, Software and Consultancy Supply, a copy of which is available on request. The following are some important points which we draw to your attention:

1. You may be charged interest on late payment.
2. The supply of hardware is subject to a retention of title clause.
3. We never transfer title in the intellectual property of any work which we do unless the assignment is explicitly in writing. This would include source program code.
4. Any software we supply may contain copy-protection and disabling mechanisms designed to prevent software theft and unauthorised use.
5. Although we take all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that third-party software we provide is legally licensed, our liability in respect of any software supplied which fails to be legally licensed is limited to the price we charged you for the software (or where there is a periodic licence, to the licence fees for the licence over a period) unless we explicitly state otherwise in writing.
6. Our terms and conditions seek to restrict our liability in certain areas. Particularly, we seek to exclude liability for consequential loss. You should consider taking out insurance if you require these losses to be covered, or approach us for a revised quotation taking into account the level of liability you require.
7. Our software is not designed for mission-critical situations or situations where life or safety are at stake. You acknowledge that no software is completely error-free and our terms restrict liability for errors provided that the software still functions substantially in accordance with its documentation.
8. We may sub-contract some of our obligations from time to time.
9. We do not contract on any terms and conditions other than our own and all other terms and conditions are expressly excluded.

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