Woodford Computer Systems Ltd

Web Space & Email Hosting

Our services are subject to our General Terms of Hardware, Software and Consultancy Supply, a copy of which is available on our website http://www.woodford-it.co.uk or on request. The following additional terms are specific to the Web Space & Email product:

1. The agreement is subject to a 1 month rolling contract.
2. Should you wish to cancel the agreement you must give us a minimum of 1 calendar months notice in writing (starting from the date of our receipt of the cancellation).
3. As part of the agreement we will supply a holding webpage for your domain free of charge. We reserve the right to advertise our hosting of your domain within or on this page.
4. There is a minimum amount of space on any userid account (email or FTP/Web) under this agreement of 2 megabytes.
5. This agreement is to include any reasonable administration of the service, however should administration of this be beyond what we term as reasonable then we reserve the right to charge for this under our standard hourly rate.
6. The entire service is subject to a minimum monthly charge as detailed within our costs detailed previously.
7. Prices are subject to change and availability. We will give you 1 months notice before changing or suspending service.
8. No internet connectivity (dial-up/adsl etc) is provided with this service.
9. No domain name hosting is provided with this service.
10. The sending of unsolicited bulk email (spam) from our system is prohibited. Any account used for this purpose will be cancelled and your service terminated immediately.
11. The web space must not be used to publish illegal, adult or inflammatory content. Any sites found to be breaking these rules will be immediately shutdown.

A copy of our terms and conditions in large print is available on request.