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Importance of Reliable Data Backups

“40% of all SMBs will go out of business if they cannot get access to their data in the first 24 hours after a crisis.” Gartner

If you take a moment to think about your business – large or small – you will quickly realise that the value of your business is stored electronically on your computer system, be it on a File Server, or on individual PC’s. Consider things like Customer Information, Financial Records, Project Documents and E-mails.. These are just a few elements of your business that will be stored electronically on your computer system.

Now think how a real catastrophe would affect your business and how long it would take for you to be operational again. Lets say a massive flood hits your area tonight. Tomorrow morning you will not be able to get into your office as there will be water up to the top of your front door, and all your computers inside will be totally ruined in the water inside the building. This is an extreme illustration, but lets just suppose it really did happen. Could your business continue to function? Would you have access to all the critical data that keeps your business ticking? Or will your business be part of the 40% that fail?

As another illustration, imagine that your server crashed right now. The main Hard Disk containing your data has failed and all the data lost. Has your backup system really been functioning all those months you’ve been swapping the tapes over? Now is the time you will find out! Imagine now that you put in your backup tape to restore all of your data, only to find that the tape is empty! What now? Your only data backup does not exist, and you have no business data left whatsoever! Could your business continue to function? Or will your business be part of the 40% that fail?

We have a Solution for you…

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