Woodford Computer Systems Ltd

Pegasus Opera 3 Compatible with Windows 8

Pegasus Opera 3 is now compatible with MS Windows 8 Enterprise in both 32-bit and 64-bit clients in conjunction with Windows 2008 Server R2 for both Opera 3 VFP and SQL. They will also support Windows 8 Pro.

In addition, they have successfully tested Windows 8 Enterprise in conjunction with Office 2010 and will support the following:

• PIM (1.92)
• Scheduler (1.42)
• Stocktake (1.20.10)
• Online Filing Manager (3.30.10)
• Pegasus XRL (1.50)*
• P11D Organiser (2013.02.01)
• Pegasus CIS (3.00.31)

Document Management and Pegasus Dashboards have not been tested at this time; new versions of these applications are currently in development with our third party suppliers.
*scheduled for release this week