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Opera 3

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Every business needs an in-depth understanding of the financial aspects of its operations. This means that a mature, stable, secure and feature-rich financial management solution is a necessity, irrespective of business size.

While almost any financial management solution can deal with the basics, every successful organisation needs more. What is required is a solution that will help run the business more effectively and profitably providing all the necessary management information quickly and accurately. This is where Opera 3 from Pegasus can help.


End-to-end financial management solution

Today more than 20,000 businesses rely on Pegasus Opera as their core management tool. It is a complete end-to-end financial management solution with flexible reporting and analysis functions that offers:

  • Impressive functionality – including online VAT 100 reporting, cash management facilities, budgeting, price lists, discount matrix and nominal consolidation.
  • Advanced and flexible analysis – your financial position is always available and can be analysed and interrogated using the highly configurable and user definable dynamic view screens.
  • Sophisticated financial reporting – purpose-built functions allow dynamic access to data from Opera 3 to populate Excel worksheets. Alternatively, data can be populated into a data cube to allow multi dimensional analysis to be performed.
  • Supply chain management and manufacturing – simplifies the most complex of order processing and manufacturing requirements.
  • Payroll & HR – designed to ensure that complicated payroll procedures are simplified and performed on time.
  • Instant communication – Opera 3 is also e-mail and Internet enabled, so statements, remittances etc can be e-mailed to customers, suppliers or employees.

As a Pegasus Certified partner, Woodford can customise your Opera 3 application to match your business processes and maximise your ROI.

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