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Orbis TaskCentre

The 21st Century business environment is complex and fast changing. To succeed organisations need:

  • The agility to respond instantly to changing legislation and customer preferences
  • Reduced operational costs through the automation of repetitive business processes
  • Revenue generation through customer service excellence
  • Perfect visibility of critical information
  • Optimisation of valuable relationships
  • A dynamic connection between people, processes and information

This requires business process management that offers greater connectivity and integration between both software applications and external information sources and services.

Transform your business

TaskCentre is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies from Orbis that enables organisations to realise their corporate vision and:

  • Connect and automate processes
  • Transform all of their distinct applications into a single, event-driven, service-oriented management solution

It is based on the central concept of the Task, which performs part or all of a business or technical process triggered by one or more Events. Designed visually in a “drag & drop” graphical user interface, each Task can contain any number of interrelated and sequenced Steps which are created using a wide range of highly-functional Tools. The range of Tools available provides pre-built, flexible and seamless integration with existing information sources, applications, technologies, formats and communication channels, without the need for complex programming. TaskCentre can deliver many benefits including:

  • Stronger revenue streams
  • Operational savings
  • Reduction in the administration involved with compliance and ISO activities
  • Greater company agility
  • Higher customer satisfaction levels
  • Freeing-up of employee time Eradication of data entry errors
  • Critical failure avoidance

As an Orbis partner, Woodford can help you get the best out of your TaskCentre investment by analysing and designing your Tasks.

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