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Pegasus XRL

The volume of information stored by any financial accounts solution is immense. But, getting to this information is sometimes complex and time-consuming. Rather than struggle with the report generating function within an accounts package it is sometimes easier to extract the information to a product that has been specifically designed to make reporting and analysis easier.

XRL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel. It provides powerful and adaptable access to the data in the financial and distribution modules within your accounts package. With its flexibility, ease of use and advanced drilldown capabilities, XRL delivers fast and accurate information to provide enhanced analytical power.

Assisting the decision making process

XRL is easy to use, with Wizards written in easy to follow English to guide you through many of its features. These include:

  • Importing data into Excel
  • Creating a link between the data and a specific field in a spreadsheet so that you can design management reports in Excel and link the data fields ‘live’ into the latest accounting information
  • Multi-dimensional analysis tools such as Cube Analysis and Pivot Tables
  • Interrogating fields and drilldown to the transactions behind them
  • Data Send facility allows you to take information which has been prepared in Excel and load it directly into the accounts system

XRL delivers fast and accurate information, providing enhanced analytical power, assisting the decision-making process.

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