Woodford Computer Systems Ltd


When you are dependent on your IT systems you want them to be available at all times during working hours. As unwanted as it is, downtime is something that will more than likely affect everyone at some time or other. You need to minimise downtime and keep your systems running to avoid lost profit.

In an ideal world you would be able to employ someone full-time to be on hand to sort out any problems that may occur with your IT systems. But for many companies this option is simply not cost-effective. That is why it makes sense to partner with a third party who can provide the necessary expertise at an affordable price.

Comprehensive portfolio of support services

Woodford Computers offer a number of support options that give you access to our fully trained engineers and prioritise your problem giving you the best chance of quickly restoring your system to working status. These include:
•System Support – Remedy your software problems with our team of experts. Whatever the problem our dedicated support team will help you quickly become operational again. Whether your problem is a complete systems crash or just ‘how do you do that in Word?’ the answer is only a phone call away. Our engineers can even set up a direct modem link to your system to solve problems immediately without the need for on-site calls.

•Annual maintenance contract – Receive all the necessary upgrades including maintenance and enhancements for the year, including legislative changes for your accounts software. Program replacement if lost and newsletters with hints, tips and updates.

We design our support contracts around your needs, so whatever your requirements why don’t you give us a call on 01745 353501 to discuss them.